• works for law firms

    Sophisticated pro tem litigation attorneys deliver the economic flexibility your firm needs and the scientific and technical aptitude your clients demand.

  • partner with excellence

    Expect the same outstanding legal and technical expertise from the pro tem litigators you engage as you do from the partners and associates you hire.

  • expanding the pie

    Lower fees for your clients.

    Improved profits for your firm.

We are experienced, sophisticated pro tem litigators enabling law firms of all sizes to expand their reach by helping them satisfy their clients’ demands for economic efficiency, legal expertise, and scientific, medical and technical aptitudes.


Respond quickly to new opportunities and serve your clients innovatively without adding to your overhead or permanent professional staff.

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Satisfy your clients’ expectations of industry-specific scientific, medical and technical aptitude and meet their assumptions of legal expertise. 

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Provide your clients with the highest quality legal representation at unrivaled rates while improving your firm’s bottom line.

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“A genius is often merely a talented person who has done all of his or her homework.”

Thomas Edison
Elizabeth Wright, J.D., Principal


It begins with intense curiosity ...

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Connecting the dots

Connecting seemingly unrelated dots and persuading others to connect them in the same way is our job as litigators.  Rarely is our job as simple as the dot-to-dot puzzles we did as kids, where all we had to do was connect the numbered dots to reveal an image that was obvious before we even put pen to paper. For those of you who also believe that aha! moments in litigation are due in part to diverse knowledge, we hope the following observations and analyses will help you to connect more dots.

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